My Work
In common with many photographers, I often find myself wishing I was a painter. The digital process has greatly diminished the craft of photography and whilst being immensely practical, has had the effect of taking out the 'soul' of image making. This is what initially drew me to the Wet Plate and other bygone processes, which require a methodical, disciplined and reflective approach. And a lot of time.

Award-winning British photographer Alastair Miller's first true passion was the sea. After a brief career as a navigator in the Merchant Navy, he began photographing opera and classical music events in London.This was followed by more than a decade in Paris photographing people and places for lifestyle magazines and newspapers, principally the Times and Sunday Times.

Travel and nature are dear to his heart. "I always search for the unexpected, the small detail in the larger landscape." Recently he has begun exploring alternative photographic and printing techniques, particularly the Wet Plate Collodion process. 

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